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We can help the private, public and voluntary sector unleash the hidden potential in its ranks and significantly boost performance across their organisation.

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Why We Are Different

Success in today’s business environment needs much more than good products and services, more than the latest technology and more than a strong brand.

Making your organisation a success means having a team in which every member performs to the top of his or her potential. Leach Consulting and Associates helps its clients find the hidden potential in the most valuable assets every business has – its talent.

Having the right people is as critical as technology for today’s businesses today. But Leach Consulting & Associates will help you to identify, motivate and retain the people its clients organisations need to thrive.

Read our six stage approach to transforming your leadership and management teams. 

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Analysis. Isolate The Challenge.

Through skilful use of interviews, group sessions and other diagnostic tools, we can help our clients to pinpoint the areas for improvement.

Identify Talent.

Our Clients may know who their top performers are, but Leach Consulting and Associates can help its clients find out which people in their organisation could deliver more if their skills were nurtured and built on?

Development. Design The Solution.

Once the challenge is understood, Leach Consulting & Associates will design and build a bespoke training programme to fit its its clients precise needs.


Engagement. Launch The Programme.

When the business rationale and benefits of change are clearly communicated, staff can readily embrace the new development interventions. With a clear plan in hand, Leach Consulting and Associates collaborate with its clients to educate and engage people in the mission.

Implementation. Make An Impact.

Flawless execution is essential. Solutions must be relevant, practical and married to our client’s business objectives. Leach Consulting and Associates uses high-impact, experiential learning methods which are known to be effective with adult learners, especially where behaviour needs to be changed.


Have our clients achieved the desired business outcome? Leach Consulting and Associates stays with you long after we have delivered management and leadership training to transform your organisation.

Nigel Leach, Founder of Leach Consulting
Nigel Leach

DMs. M.A. MSc. Fifl

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Career Summary

A commercially aware Management Consultant with over 30 years in depth and general experience in organisational change. Working with various organisations both in the public and in the private sector to examine the contribution of human resource development to solve organisational problems and support their corporate/business objectives. 

Has orchestrated change by providing strategic thinking and establishing the development of necessary skills and leadership capability to meet the needs of any organisation.  These include Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Sysmex UK Ltd, Crown Agents, New England Seafood, Chamber of Commerce, HSBC, IVECO, 3G and Coca Cola to name a few. 

Nigel has extensive experience in delivering training programmes overseas e.g. Dubai, Nigeria, Kuala Lumpar, USA. In addition, Nigel provides and has had significant success in providing an Executive Coaching service whose clients come from various sectors. 

Nigel runs his own very successful Management Consultancy business which is called ‘Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd’ and is at the forefront of designing effective Leadership & Management programmes Nigel has co-authored a guidebook for managers and leaders. 

The subject is ‘How to Improve Your Organisation through Action Learning’ which represents a practical guide, designed for managers to use action learning to bring about better performance and more effective change in their teams, departments and organisations. Most importantly it shows how action learning can help change ‘stick’ and become more sustainable. 

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd has been recognised as an ILM International Centre and delivers accredited Leadership, Management & Coaching programmes all over the world.

Provide a Coaching Service

Coaching Style

Nigel will use a range of coaching styles depending on the situation. However, his usual style is that of a collaborative partnership centred on achieving goals. This style is supportive, guiding and will challenge the individual concerned to maximise their potential and performance whilst ensuring a return on investment for the organisation.

In addition, he uses a range of diagnostic tools to ensure self reflection and will set challenging targets that are stretching whilst at the same time achievable for each individual.

As a coach he has achieved considerable success by identifying habitual behavioural patterns that may be blind to the coachee, through challenging hidden assumptions and beliefs and honest feedback.

He brings humour, compassion, sensitivity and commitment.

Executive Coaching Examples

Head of Social Welfare – Wimbledon Guild

The Head of Social Welfare required coaching in four areas:

  • Develop more critical thinking when analysing information
  • Learn how to give negative feedback to others in managing conflict
  • Develop a wider and more future oriented perspective
  • Be more assertive with others and more appreciative of herself

The above areas were addressed, and significant fundamental changes are being developed to ensure the future success of Wimbledon Guild as a result of the efforts of the Head of Social Welfare.

What We Do Best

Head of Services – Ashfield District Council

Worked with a newly appointed Head of Service to build his confidence and effectiveness within the organisation. His previous background was not suited to this role and therefore there was a certain amount of risk taken by the organisation. Following the coaching intervention, it was soon recognised by the organisation that he was outperforming his peer group. Two years later the coachee was successful in securing a Deputy Chief Executives role.

Director – Coca Cola 

My role was to effect change of a Director within Coca Cola by developing his personal impact and his self-awareness. The positive outcomes were noticeable by his fellow Board Directors and his team. This has proved valuable for the business by retaining a very innovative engineer at Board level.

Director of Corporate Services – Royal Bank of Scotland

Developed a Director of Corporate Services in managing more effectively his management team and helped to improve his strategic thinking which brought about a well thought out strategic plan for the Corporate Services division. This all helped to both increase performance and raise his profile within the business.


Try Our Proven Process

Research & Analysis

Leach Consulting and Associates will help its clients, through effective process monitoring and staff discussions, to establish new ways of thinking or working – that can transform a team, division or their entire organisation.



Roadmap planning

We ensure the content of each course is designed to help achieve a particular objective or need and delivered in a way that enables our customers’ people to retain that knowledge and apply it in the real world. Once people understand their roles and are ready for powerful, participative learning experience, they’ll be on board and ready to learn. 

Execute & Monitor

By harnessing the power of professional development with Leach Consulting and Associates, our clients can transform their talent, build a culture of high performance and feel confident they’ve made a wise investment in their company’s future.



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From Our Founder

Our Approach

We always begin with the client. We look not only at their training needs but the history, culture and ethos of their company, because it is important to us to understand where our clients have come from and where they are going.

Our aim is to find high quality training and leadership solutions which are sustainable and which help to improve our client’s growth, performance, potential and profits. We want to help them to find tomorrow’s leaders, today.

We will always agree with our clients a training plan that will deliver the objectives they desire, we believe our clients should play a fundamental role in mapping the development of their leaders, staff and managers. That way the solutions we find will be sustainable and embedded in our client’s culture.