Keith Howes

Managing Director

Action Learning for Change by Nigel Leach

What we do

Developing and Empowering Managers/Leaders to Achieve Organisational Success

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd work closely with their clients in providing & developing up to date, bespoke Management & leadership training.

They work across all sectors and industries, small businesses and large organisations

“Leadership skills underpin sustainable growth”

What our clients say

Nigel Leach has worked within Sysmex over the last 10 years delivering various management programmes and providing coaching to middle, senior and executive managers and leaders throughout the company. Nigel has worked closely with the Managing Director to assess and define the leadership style and behavioural traits of the executive leadership team in order to overcome barriers that had restricted the effectiveness of the team. Through Nigel’s subsequent coaching the execs gelled together to develop innovative strategies and communicated this across the company. Nigel is listed as an approved business coach to Sysmex and will undertake individual coaching assignments with specific managers where required.

Nigel brings great personal experience to his coaching, is very affable and can adapt his approach depending on the individual or group with which he is working, as a result of this Nigel has developed a good rapport throughout the Sysmex management team and has gained their trust. Based on observation and close involvement with the managers Nigel has provided high level overview and observations to the Managing Director to identify areas within the company requiring attention and development.

Sysmex continues to evolve and bring significant changes to how we go to market and conduct our business, without Nigel’s training and coaching we would have faced greater resistance in executing the changes required. The skills and analysis tools Nigel has brought to the company have been used in both to implement this change and to increase the competitiveness of our public tender proposals  which has seen the company increase its tender rate (of available NHS/HSE) I do not hesitate to associate this achievement to the change in attitude and competence of our personnel which has in large been made possible through Nigel’s work within Sysmex.

On behalf of Sysmex UK Ltd I am very happy to endorse Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd as a business coach and trainer.

Caroline Rebisz

Senior Centre Manager
RBS Group

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd worked closely with the management team of RBS South of England Corporate Service Centre over a number of years. Supporting the team to develop their vision for the business and the necessary road map to success. The senior management team valued the one to one coaching skills covering behavioural models, leadership skills and inspiring our teams. Excellent and collaborative approach delivered and very much tailored to the business and individual’s needs.

Edd de Coverley

Chief Executive
Melton Borough Council

Over the last couple of years Nigel has worked with me and my team as part of our leadership development programme at Melton Borough Council. He has a wealth of practical expertise and experience from both the public and private sector and his training and development sessions are always well structured, well-paced and well-delivered. The programme he developed for us started by understanding our organisational need and aspirations and then shaping sessions on key leadership themes like delegation, communication, and performance management, amongst other things. Nigel provides an excellent balance between facilitating a supportive learning environment, and providing constructive challenge where necessary, to get us thinking critically about whatever we are grappling with

Viv Sage

HR Director
Genuine Solutions Group

“Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd delivers outstanding ILM qualifications and puts the delegates at the heart of everything they do. This results in delegates being motivated, confident, and a significant improvement in their work performance is achieved.”

Martyn Price MBE

Cross-Industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force

I have worked with Nigel Leach on a couple of projects over a number of years and I have always found his approach well suited to me and my business needs. Nigel’s ability to undertake an extensive diagnostic analysis has helped me rethink how best I can achieve greater potential from my staff and improved results for my business. His knowledge and experience on learning and development pathways, aligned to leadership and management qualifications and executive coaching capabilities are second to none!   

Professor Carole-Anne Upton

Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean
Middlesex University

Provide Focused Team Building/Development

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd provides learning experiences that help businesses to understand what it takes to build and develop efficient, effective and cohesive teams, that will have significant impact within your organisation.

What our clients say:

Since my first great teambuilding experience with Nigel, I have chosen to work with him again and again, engaging a wide range of groups and situations. We have benefitted enormously from the impact of his sessions, whether improving team performance or helping to resolve issues.

His teambuilding sessions are both highly effective and hugely enjoyable and can improve the dynamics within both new and established teams. Nigel’s approach is characterised by authentic and compassionate leadership, informed by genuine professional expertise in his field and an incredible range of lived experience in diverse work contexts. Nigel is highly professional and attentive to his clients, customising his approach to make sure he connects with the people he’s working with and integrating his theoretical models within the specific context of the team.  He really understands management and organisational structures, he quickly attunes to workplace culture and his self-effacing humility belies his sharp acumen when it comes enhancing performance and dynamics. I’ve worked with a lot of excellent facilitators and consultants, but Nigel is definitely one of the best.

Luke Dennis

Regional Learning & Development Manager
Coca Cola Enterprises

Provide Institute of Leadership & Managment (ILM) Qualifications 

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd help businesses/organisations grow and develop by providing industry recognised ILM Management qualifications.

What our clients say:

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd made considerable impact in our business of Coca Cola Enterprises by providing specifically designed ILM Leadership & Management qualifications and an ILM Train the Trainer programme. All programmes have been successful implemented and helped with local succession planning. 

Nigel Leach made every effort to fully understand the business, I would recommend Nigel to any business looking to develop their internal talent pool in order to recruit from within and lower their overall recruitment cost. The candidates Nigel taught were all very complimentary of Nigel’s style and support, as he tailored his support to the learners individual learning preference.

Edina Bashich

Director General
London Management Centre

“Nigel has been developing and delivering a vast number of our Management and Leadership, Strategy, Change and other training session with LMC for few years.  His enthusiasm and dive are reflected in consistent high ratings and nothing but positive feedback by our delegates whom are senior managers and leaders from some blue-chip organisations and leading industries globally. Nigel’s way of knowledge transfer can be summed up as informative, current, very practical and exceptionally motivating. It is a privilege to work with Nigel.”

Cllr Keith Dibble

Leader of Rushmoor Borough Council Labour Group

Provide Two Day Bespoke Team Leadership Training

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd provide bespoke Team Leadership training that focuses on the businesses/organisations needs by developing a comprehensive 2 x day programme for new and aspiring Team Leaders.

What our clients say:

“Nigel Leach was able to bring together the individual talents of our Group and create one team. Very impressed with his skills, competence and professionalism to develop a team charter which has enabled us to move forward united.”


Paul Shackley

Chief Executive
Rushmoor Borough Council

I have worked with Nigel Leach for a number of years. He brings together his extensive private and public sector experience in developing and facilitating effective team building and team leadership training, which significantly helps in building high performing teams and cultivate the required leadership style.

“The Journey always starts with self-awareness”

Viv Sage

Head of HR
New England Seafood International

Provide Diagnostic Approaches to Identify the Training & Development your Organisation really needs

Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd specialises in getting to know your business/organisation, understand your challenges and needs, then examines the contribution of Human Resource development to solve any business issues/challenges and support your business/organisation in moving forward.

What our clients say:

“Leach Consulting & Associates Ltd provided excellent diagnostic methods in evaluating both our human and strategic approaches to the business.

This resulted in providing effective and creative solutions. One of the recommendations was to provide excellent bespoke Leadership and Management qualifications, with a real emphasis on achieving a return on investment for the organisation.”