Why We are Different

Success in today’s business environment needs much more than good products and services, more than the latest technology and more than a strong brand. Making your organisation a success means having a team in which every member performs to the top of his or her potential. Leach Consulting and Associates helps its clients find the hidden potential in the most valuable assets every business has - its talent. Having the right people is as critical as technology for today's businesses today. But Leach Associates will help you to identify, motivate and retain the people its clients organisations need to thrive. We can help the private, public and voluntary sector unleash the hidden potential in its ranks and significantly boost performance across their organisation.

We take a six stage approach to transforming your leadership and management teams.

1. Analysis. Isolate The Challenge. Through skillful use of interviews, group sessions and other tools, we can help our clients to pinpoint the areas where new skills or knowledge—or a new way of thinking or working - can transform a team, division or their entire organisation.

2. Identify Talent. Our Clients may know who their top performers are, but Leach Consulting and Associates can help its clients find out which people in their organisation could deliver more if their skills were nurtured and built on? We have the tools to ensure people are developed and directed and help our customers can fuel innovation and create an advantage for our clients' organisations..

3. Development. Design The Solution. Once the challenge is understood, a solution will be designed to meet it. Talent transformation means agreeing the most powerful content and the best way to deliver it. Leach Consulting and Associates will build a custom training programmes to fit its clients precise needs. We ensure the content of each course is designed to help achieve a particular objective or need and delivered in a way that enables our customers' people to retain that knowledge and apply it in the real world.

4. Engagement. Launch The Program. When the business rationale and benefits of change are clearly communicated, staff can readily embrace the new initiatives. With a clear plan in hand, Leach Consulting and Associates collaborate with its clients to educate and engage people in the mission. Once people understand their roles and are ready for powerful, participative learning experience, they’ll be on board and ready to learn.

5. Implementation. Make An Impact. Flawless execution is essential. Solutions must be relevant, practical and married to our client's business objectives. Leach Consulting and Associates uses high-impact, effective teaching methods which are known to be effective with adult learners. Our superb instructors deliver rich content in-person with the aim of transforming talent and turning high-potential professionals into leaders, who think critically, solve problems, collaborate and innovate to achieve outstanding results.

6. Support. Have our clients achieved the desired business outcome? Leach Consulting and Associates stays with you long after we have delivered management and leadership training to transform your organisation. By harnessing the power of professional development with Leach Consulting and Associates, our clients can transform their talent, build a culture of high performance and feel confident they’ve made a wise investment in their company’s future.